SEASĀ© - Web-based student early alert system helps colleges and universities identify at risk students, record consultation sessions with students and provides an open line of communication between students and advisors, insuring student success.
  The Student Early Alert System (SEAS©)

SEAS© brings together the information colleges and universities need to provide accurate, timely and targeted academic advising. SEAS© helps you to identify “at risk” students and provides the tools that faculty, advisors or administrators require to insure student success. SEAS© can help you increase student retention, assist with student communication and assist with grant record keeping and reporting.

  Identify “At Risk” Students
  Track Student Contacts with Advisors
  View Academic History
  Produce Activity & Management Reports
  Easily communicate with students and staff
  Schedule appointments and post reminders
  Secure communication
  How Does It Work?

The Student Early Alert System (SEAS©) directly addresses the needs of students in an easy-to-use web-based tool. SEAS©
primary features include..
  How Can My School Use This Product?

A college student was on academic probation and had to resolve some
academic issues. Despite the...