SEASĀ© - Web-based student early alert system helps colleges and universities identify at risk students, record consultation sessions with students and provides an open line of communication between students and advisors, insuring student success.
Easily communicate with students and staff
Promote open communication among students, advisors, faculty and other service providers. SEAS© provides a comprehensive easy-to-use communication facility through utilization of the following:
Data - student transcript type data, basic skills test scores and placements, SAT scores and transfer credit can be displayed in a single click.
Contact Information - including the current issue, dialogue between the student and advisor, advisor's recommended action and a schedule for follow-up.
Email - a single student or group of students can be emailed to set an appointment, follow-up on a recommended action or for any purpose.
Letters - can be generated with a customized message and saved in a Microsoft Word format. These can later be printed on letterhead.
Appointments - can be scheduled for a single student or group of students with an option to email the student, yourself and any other interested party.