SEASĀ© - Web-based student early alert system helps colleges and universities identify at risk students, record consultation sessions with students and provides an open line of communication between students and advisors, insuring student success.
How Can My School Use This Product?

Has your college or university staff experienced these common situations?

A college student was on academic probation and had to resolve some academic issues. Despite the academic advising by his counselor, the student failed to comply with the advisor's advice, failed courses and was dismissed. The student challenged the dismissal, claiming that no counseling took place. The counselor's documentation proved that the institution met its responsibility to provide counseling. The Student Early Alert System (SEAS©) provides reporting tools to fully document student counseling and limit your institution's liability.
Your institution just won a TRIO Grant. In order to fulfill your obligation to the students and the grant, you must identify students covered by the grant, track student advisory activity and provide documented proof to the federal government. SEAS© provides the tools to assist in the grant execution process. SEAS© can also help in the grant acquisition process by identifying various student cohorts.
Your institution is hosting a special event and you want to insure that a select group of students receive an invitation. Use SEAS© to produce mailing labels or mailing information for a mail merge process.